Wimbledon “intruder” Gasquet: Djokovic is a favorite. But I’ll enjoy it

Now Gasquet feels proud. Right. “Victory deserves,” acknowledged the defeated Wawrinka. Wednesday’s performance was a stir in the tennis world, one-handed bekhend was greeted by experts and fans, and on some French websites even reports of his progress surpassed information about the popular Tour de France bike race.

“It’s my biggest victory,” shone At a press conference, a 29-year-old Frenchman. Then he reiterated several times that he was still able to fight, which helped him to make a valuable victory. But Gasquet’s journey to the euphoric states leads through many disappointments. It’s full of falls and ups.

For Roland Garros last year, he felt the opposite feeling after Wavrink’s eight rounds. “I feel sorrow for my soul,” he said.Now he admitted: “I took it a bit like a retaliation. But it was hard. Tent well served, he played great. “

Maybe two years old memories of Gasqueta were motivated. Moreover, this year’s Parisian champion stood against him, for “robbing” the home grandslam he wanted to avenge a Swiss rival.

And maybe he remembered already mentioned 2007. In five seasons stood in quarterfinal Andy Roddicka, the American was the world three, Wawrinka is the fourth player of the ATP rankings.But then Gasquet in his first Grand Slam semi-final did not have a chance against Roger Federer, the then number one player. Now he faces Novak Djokovic, to change the current world leader. “I have more experience than eight years ago, I know what it is,” Gasquet says. “It’s important to have a winning mentality, I have to go to the court and I can win.”

Gasquet will be an outsider again. For now, the 20th world tennis player, who has “invaded” London in the last 17 games against the top ten, has won only twice – defeated Berdych in the Davis Cup and Wawrinku now. And Roddick’s scalp was still the only one on the grass against opponents of elite tens.

“Novak is a favorite. Everyone knows.But I’ll try to take my chances and see what happens. “Gasquet has the chance to prove he can be a great player as predicted at the beginning of this millennium when a talented Frenchman began to push among adults . He was playing the main competition in Paris at the age of fifteen, but he waited until 2007 for more success.

“Until he gets up, he will not become a better player,” French journalists read.Frajersky turned his head back to irritate him.

In 2009, he was suspected of using cocaine, his original yearly ban on activity reduced him ITF to two and a half months. The court returned to stronger, but at the US Open 2013 he broke a series of eight-finisher ends and was once again among the top four.

This year he was troubled by repeated backache, which he also overcame. He also threatened the gradual end of his career. “I’m glad to be back. I love tennis. Being on the court and playing a hundred percent is the most important, “said Gasquet, who is proud of his tennis life now. But how long?