VIDEO S.Williams is facing a million-dollar fine

LONDON – Sources from the tennis scene claim that Serena Williams will be fined $ 1 million for her verbal attack on a line referee during the US Open in the US Open on September 1.

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The President of the Medzin & Aacute Foundation, Italy’s Francesco Ricci Bitti, , that a sanction in the form of an American woman will be avoided by some of the victims; “great & scaron creators”: “I’m not sure that the Australian Open 2010 would be a good fit for you, and that it would be a punishment for you and your scar on the Australian Open 2010 as well. and, therefore, the assumption of financial and criminal liability.Tak & eacute; v & yacute; sign & yacute; to satisfy v & scaron; eobecn & eacute; woes and took into account the fact that Serena Williams & aacute; and with tennis, it has earned money in the same way as Garvinov & Aacute, in the same affectionate interest as the scaron. “In this silence, I really do not know what I mean. comment on & uacute; of & CORPORATE tunity. You will be able to attend the meetings with members of the Commission.Mysl & iacute; m in v & scaron; if Serena is very concerned & aacute; “

Young & Scaron from Sisters of Williams & Yacute, who in the meantime became Catalan Dauha World Champion WTA Tour and the world’s old-fashioned singles team, made New York City among the best scaron and scrolls in 4: 6, 5: 6 and 15:30 in a duel with late & scaron; ou & scaron ampo & oakute by Kim Clijsters from Belgium’s double boss, whose first, half-spirited, rebellious, dream-aacute fault status, called a foot fault (pre & scaron, apapa), resolved her nerves, and scaroned the line judge with a rocket in front of tv & aacute; , that she prepares her balls with her throat and kills her.This was followed by the meeting of Louise Engzell, Employee Judge, with Brian Earley Criminal & Yacute; point (after the previous and aacute), that is, the transformation of the mecca. The American woman was not publicly justifiable for her administration.