VIDEO: De Gea has scored a goal, fantastically captured by Mignolet

The goalkeeper of the English team will not be remembered for good at the Liverpool match, but at least he could have enjoyed the joy of defeating Christiane Bentek. He moved it on his own, trying his hand, but Hart pushed him to a big angle and then he set off.

< Brad Guzan Everton – Aston Villa , he also made a bit of a taste of a successful intervention. Arouna Koné was able to back into the game and make it great for the oblivious.Guzan jumped to the side, but at the last minute, he was able to displace the balloon.

John Ruddy Chelsea – Norwich weekend lost. The bad Chelsea ended up with a 1-0 home victory against Norwich, which was not helped by Ruddy’s action against William. His hard blow, hidden behind one of the teammates, scored the goal of the guests.

Simon Mignolet Manchester City – Liverpool 1: 4

chance to see enough. One of them eliminated with a great shot guest goalkeeper. After a tiny little home he was on his left side, Sterling, the Mignolet shifted the angle with a quick run. There followed a pass to Agüera, whose shot to cover Mignolet’s hidden goal.

Watford – Manchester United 1: 2

.. David de Gea.The Manchester goalkeeper has earned a triumph with a great reflex, which has devastated Abdi’s shot.That’s why sting Smalling was so unpleasant that the ball quickly fell to the pole, but the Spanish goalman again showed that the quick reaction is his own and the balloon had to go out at the last minute.