The Žilina wolves have finished waiting for the victory: Twenty-nine declare themselves with nine goals!

ZILINA – The Žilinčani started to taste the Slovak “twenty”. In the third minute the home team Varga threatened the Sabola goalkeeper for the first time. The guests did not take advantage of numerous prizes when they knocked Ustrčil, Černák did not settle twice before Lacom. Then came the moment of the Zilina.

In 12 min Ninok – Cavrk finished Lipovsky and opened the score score. Two-minute victory surpassed goalkeepers of the newly-wooed captain of Drevenák in Žilina – 2: 0. At the end of the first third, the Žilinians had more than one and a half minutes to win the top five against the three – in – the – face face in Tomas’ s Zilina jersey to 3: 0.

The same player asserted at the start of the second third when Sabola crossed the bar on the left.When Valašek added the fifth goal of MsHK DOXXbet, the goal keeper Sabola was replaced by Pajpach. “Wolves” continued in shooting games – in 31 min Šimun was eliminated and Tomas increased his third goal in the duel to 6: 0. In the 33rd minute, Novák scored and in the middle of the second half Varga adjusted to 8: 0.

In the 45th minute he came in front of the goalkeeper of Novák who did not hesitate – 9: 0. In the 53rd minute the home striker Čavrk skated himself on Pajpach, but as if he was afraid to reach the tenth goal of Žilina. At the end of Orange, “20” could correct the result when the Sluka was eliminated, but it did not happen. MsHK DOXXbet Žilina – HK Orange “20” 9: 0 (3: 0, 5: 0, 1: 0)
Goals: 12. A. Lipovský (Čavrk, Niník), 13. Drevenák (F.Macejka, Linet), 18. R. Tomas (Kalla), 25. R. Tomas (D. Buc, Rúfus), 27. Valášek (Drevenák), ​​31. R. Tomas (D. Buc, Klouda) T. Varga, 45. F. Novak (T. Varga)
Shots: 4: 7 in 2 minutes, power play: 2: 0, weaknesses: 0: 0, decided by: D. Konc – Holienka, Valach, 961 viewers Žilina: M. Laco – Rúfus, Marcel Šterbák, Dlouhý, Niník, Ostrčil, Bajaník, 41. min Sluka – R. Tomas, Klouda, D. Buc – F. Macejka, Linet, Drevenak – T. Varga, Kalla (41. Jarab), F. Novak – Cavrk, Valasek, A. Lipovsky

< p> Orange 20: R. Sabol (27. Pajpach) – Valjent, E. Černák, Luža, Gachulinec, Dinda, Predajniansky, Bačik, Rusina – Šimun, Kolena, Minárik – Horanský, Gašpar, P. Koyš – K.Horváth, Dominik Rehák, Rzavsky – Tibensky, Mlynčar, Schroner

> “I was on the way to see the match at the match in Bratislava and I urged players not to underestimate this duel.” The result goes on, I am happy that after a series of five defeats we managed to win, we dominated the ice, we had “

Ernest Bokros (coach HK Orange 20): ” I have to admit that Zilina has done very good It was effective at the end, our goalkeepers were under the top, our players were trying, but it was not enough for the opponent, and when we were playing the bigger difference, we started making individual mistakes.”