The Slovaks have fought Finland, a step from the second stage

PARTIZANSKE – Slovak Handball Representatives in their second tournament appearance 1.the first round of the MS 2013 qualifying rounds won a high 38:18 in Partizansk nad Finsky, with a full point win at the head of the table.

The coach of Peter Saabadk on the board dominated from the opening minutes and betting account offers Sunday in the decisive fight for the only progressive they will meet from 18.00 with Switzerland, which on Saturday beat Greece 35:23 and has two victories as well.

Slovakia – Finland 38:18 (20: 8) Slovakia – Finland 38:18 / b>
Góly SR: Súkenníková 8, Tóthová 7/2, Rajnohová 5, Rebičová 4/1, Pileková 3, Michnová 2, Trochtová 2, Kováčiková 2, Polláková 2, Dubajová 2/1, Minarčíková 1 – Najväčšie góly Finnish: Tallqvist 5, Von Numers 5/1.Judge: M. Gutowski, U. Gutowski (both Poland), 7m throw: 4/4 – 3/2, exclusions: 7: 1, ČK: 41. Michnová after third elimination, 1000 spectators

Domestic players played the one-time favorite in the first few seconds and the first goal was only 5 minutes later, when they had four-goal differences. Manko severaniek grew especially thanks to the tactical disguise of Tóthová and Súkeníková and in the middle of the first part of the game shined the scorer status 12: 3. The chinstraps then paused the goal avalanche in their network, yet best online betting sites offers they went into the cabins with a twelve-goal loss. The Slovaks did not spare their opponents in the second half, when other players of the cadre were given the chance and did not stop even the premature departure of Michna after a third elimination in 41 minutes.The difference in the score continued to grow and the home team was comfortably victorious.

Peter Sabadka, coach of Slovakia: “We played well, and the result is good. and taste and our performance was of a higher quality than on Friday, and again I tried to break as much as possible, and we also for tactical reasons left the trio Stuparičová, Jakubisová and Túrociová.On Sunday, a decisive duel with Switzerland is waiting for us and this tournament has to reach a successful end. I want to play as we have done so far and enjoyed the perfect audience that even made us today. “

Greece – Switzerland 23:35 (12:11 )
Most Goals: Poimenidou 7, Strataki 5 – Mustafoska 9/2, Dinkelová 5/1

Table 1:
1. Slovakia 2 2 0 0 68:34 4

Switzerland 2 2 0 0 72:50 4 3. Greece 2 0 0 2 39:65 0 4. Finland 2 0 0 2 45:75 0

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