The Slovaks have created a great atmosphere. He did not convince the Danish

“The first match will indicate what our possibilities are,” said Vladimir Vujtek, a coach of the Slovaks before the Danes. The fans waited for a clear and obligatory victory, since the Danes have no NHL in Ostrava. But names do not decide.

A man has run out of chaos when he saw CEZ Ostrava’s arena filled with 99 per cent of Slovak fans, who stormed the last so loudly that they did not hear their own words.

“We are here At home, “he said. But there was not much to know on the ice.The Slovak team pushed forward and had the optics on top, but it was based on defensive activity, the transition phase and the combination. “Slovaks knew very well that if they wanted to win the tournament, Denmark had to defeat at any cost. And it is true that they were initially spasmodic, they were unhealthy, “said Václav Varaďa of Třebíč, who personally watched the match. At the same time, he remarked:” It is the beginning of the tournament and it was obvious that the Slovaks Time took the initiative and were better and better. “

It is true, but the goal is long and not score.The fans were vainly chanting: “Now it comes out.” It did not come, even though the Slovaks had a number of numerous advantages and even underwent a momentous pressure.

But he came only at the end of the second and during the third period When the team lost. “Before that, it was pretty lukewarm,” Varaďa noted. It was logical, therefore, that even the lively audience from the East gradually dwindled. Gone were the Mexican waves and hops with the shouting “Who does not jump, not a Slovak” from the introduction.

The cheerful Jánošík (a fan dressed as a Slovak bastard) has lost a smile over time. When he lost hope as most of his colleagues in the auditorium and as Janosik on ice (defender and newcomer in the championship), the turn came.

And a real euphoria.But as it is now, the rapid cooling of emotions in the form of Danish settlement. The Slovaks have turned away the shame, but if they want to think about success, they will have to add. Their hopes at this point are pinned to a Detroit reinforcement pair, the attackers of Tatar and Jurča.