The legendary footballer Masopust died, the first Czech owner of the Golden Balls

The Czech Radio broadcast a sad news on Monday morning.

It is not only Dukla Prague, which is famous, but Czech football. A true legend has gone.

“No doubt he was one of Europe’s best players. He and Beckenbauer, “said the world-famous Energybet sporting bet Pelé years ago. “It’s one of the biggest idols he has ever seen.”

The unforgettable Masopust was not only a good midfielder but also a good man. The classic became the 1962 World Championship in Chile.

Brazilian Pelé wounded but did not move at the time and stayed on the pitch.

When he got the ball, Masopust stopped in front of him and waited for him to win someone else. He did not want to fight with a wounded opponent.

“It was one of the most beautiful gestures in the history of football.He has shown a sense of fair play that is so much talked about today. This was a true demonstration of respect for man, “Pelé told several times.

Masopust was born in 1931 in Střimice u Mostu. At the age of seventeen he became a member of the championship, but he made his first league in Teplice for the first time. After two years – in 1952 when he joined the military service – he moved to Dukla Praha. There he spent fifteen years, almost his entire career, and he had the greatest success.With the Prague team he has won eight master titles.

“By my arrival at Dukla I was a fanatic, but fate finally brought me all the glory in Dukla,” he remembered.

About the party around Masopust Her expedition to the prestigious American Cup tells the Dukla reportage book among the skyscrapers from Ota Pavl, which football football fans are still insulting.

“We did not take it at first,” said Masopust to Paul, “we said what we have A journalist to talk, but then we find out he’s a good kid who does something when he does something. “

Today, Masopust has a bronze sculpture in the life of Julius, where Dukla resides.In Most he named it the stadium.

He has also achieved a remarkable success in the representation for which he played 63 games and scored 10 goals. In 1960 he contributed to the third place in the European Energybet sports betting online Championship in France and two years later even to the second place in the Chilean World Championship.

Czechoslovakia lost in the final with Brazil 1: 3 and Masopust gave only one goal to the defeated team .

The year 1962 was a success for him. He also won the Golden Ball for the best footballer in Europe. Only Pavel Nedvěd, one of forty-nine years later, made it out of Czech players.By the way, the Czechoslovak footballer of the year, Masopust was only once in 1966. But I’m Czech, I played football in the Czech Republic, so I appreciate the Czech football player of the century even more than the Golden Balls. Said Masopust after announcing the Golem poll.

The end of his career at the end of the 1970s he spent in Belgium at Crossing Molenbeek, who helped him to the first league.

After the end of his gaming career, . Already in Belgium he played as a play coach, and after returning to Czechoslovakia he led to the historical title of Brno.He was a Czechoslovakian representative from 1984 to 1988.

He was better than I remember Eusébio

What was the Masopust so extraordinary?

He had a great technique, perfect ball management, and he could shoot both feet. Spectators at the stadium looked at him beautifully, especially when he added healthy sociability and self-esteem.

“Josef is a legend. He was a better footballer than I was, “said the famous Eusébio when he arrived in Prague for Masopust’s 80th birthday. Who knows where the Masopust would have done if he could move to the West at the height of the force. But the regime did not allow…

Even the Masopust did more than that.He left a significant trace not only in the history of Czech football but also became a world legend from Dukla. One that is not forgotten.

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