The Jičín people would not like to repeat last season, they do not want to miss the playoffs

There was no tragedy, but he would not have liked to repeat something similar to the Jičín club. When the team at the end of the winter ended up with the basic part of the domestic competition, the name of the club did not appear among the eight players in the playoffs.

Instead of eliminating the title, the club that celebrated him just two years before , he had to go through the struggles for rescue.Although the Jičín team showed their strength and did not admit any downhill doubts, they still have other ideas in Jičín about what the end of the extralig year should look like.

“It was not very pleasant, however, there was a certain threat of descent , “Said Petr Babák, one of the two coaches of the Jičín team.

However, he can not see everything black in the last season and he thinks:” We lost the playoff and only one point the party was not bad, we had nothing to be ashamed of, which was also appreciated by the spectators who had walked until the end of the season even though we did not play the play. “

To the new season, which will enter Sunday night with Litovle , the Jičín team will go with a minimum of change.Nobody is even in the exit zone, but only a talented shooter Jan Vocasek has inadvertently checked in. Due to the problems with his shoulder he decided to slow down his career and he will not be in the team yet. On the other hand, two players came to Jičín , from which real help can be expected. The first is the offspring Ondřej Šulc, who returned to Karviná and France, and Martin Loskot, who played in Pilsen in the past season.

“They both showed their qualities in preparation. Ondra Šulc also helps with his approach, “said Babák.Both the Šulc and Loskot play mainly on the clusters and their shooting skills, Jičín should help to a greater number of goals scored.

The handball extraliga enters the season with twelve teams, according to Babák have almost every chance to engage in the fight play-off. “It will be even harder for us than last year. Last year, poor Prerov dropped out, no one will be so weak this year, “he thinks. And because Koprivnica’s position was a newcomer, “she returns after a year, she is a permanent participant in the extraliga and will certainly not be bad.”

Also on the other side of the table Babák expects a balanced fight. The title will defend Pilsen, which has a golden hat-trick chance, because the league won twice in a row.But if he does, the Jičín coach does not dare to say: “He will belong to the favorites, but it will not be just about her. Lovosice will be strong, much can be expected from Hranice, other teams may be among the best. “