The Czech records of Šefla and Kolářová for the semifinals of the swimmers were not enough

Becher was on a 200-meter bow tie with a time of 1: 57.63 seventeenth and one step escaped his progress. Kolarová on the same long free track with 2: 00,24 took 25th place.

The Mick, who finished in a 800-meter free run with a time of 8: 05,76 thirtieth, and Bartůněk, who was 28,47 thirty- Šefl improved his own Czech record in 2009 by 63 hundreds. He was unlucky, but at the first non-stop he missed the 35th semifinals.

“I’m glad, but it’s mixed feelings because I was doing well.I felt I could still get a little busy, for the last five meters my back was already very busy, “said Radiožurnál Šefl, who is the first substitute in the case of the withdrawal of one of the advancers. “I do not think nobody calls it. “She left it quiet,” he added.

The eighteen-year-old Kolarova broke the national record of Simona Baumrt for a second and improved the personal record by two and a half seconds.

“I’m excited, I did not expect such a time. I was hoping for improvement because the two minutes’ approach would have wanted it, “said Kolářová.

“I was having trouble breathing. I still wanted to keep the other fifty, but it was not, it was two, so I fought a little with it and tried to change it again.But it came to me that I started it slowly, “she added.

American star Katie Ledecká won a 1,500-meter free time at the Kazakh World Championships in a new world record. She climbed at 15: 25.48 and her record-breaking performance from Monday’s spell improved by 2.23 seconds. Another Lauren Boyle of New Zealand defeated an eighteen-year-old swimmer with Czech roots for about a quarter of a minute, defended her Pre-Losing title from Barcelona, ​​and had a sixth gold in total.

“I’ve been preparing for it for a long time, .But now it’s up to me and it’s great as it all came out, “said Ledecká, who shortly after the finals of the longest pool discipline also mastered the semifinals of the crawling two-part.

Another record in historical tables took care of the Kazan pool Brit Adam Peaty, who was upgraded to a 50-meter-long bust in the semi-finals of the South African Cameron van der Burgh’s world record of the morning. In the course of 26.42 seconds he surpassed his performance by 20 hundreds.

The duel of these two personalities, which began on Monday’s finals of the 100-meter track, continued. The gold Peat, who beat the Olympic winner Van der Burgha seven hundredths of a second, fought for her.Fifty-finals are in the Energybet free online bet middle.

Favored American Ryan Lochte did not reach the medal at the crawl two-hundreds, finished fourth. The first world title was won by nineteen-year-old Brit James Guy, who backed a six-hundredth difference from a double-track Sun Jang from China.

Australian Emily Seebohm dominated the Australian Emblem with two gold medals, . The 2009 world record of Gemma Spofforth of 2009 was still attacking all three medalists, the winner behind it eventually 58.26 seconds behind it 14 cent.The same discipline was won by her compatriot Mitchell Larkin.

The title of a 100-meter breastbone was won by Russia’s Juliy Jefimov, who Energybet sports betting had a six-month doping penalty for the use of anabolic steroids at the end of February. The home team defeated world recordsman Rutu Meilutete from Lithuania for seven tenths of a second.

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