The Czech Cycling Tour won Vakoč, and Etixxu was confirmed in the Štybar stage

22-year-old Petr Vakoč reached the first overall triumph in the stage race in the colors of his current Etixx stable.

In the final stage, culminating in the 9 rounds in Dolany, he was key to guarding Bora’s greatest rival, Jan Bárta . Only six seconds were in the overall order and Bárta said before the stage: “Etixx here has a stronger team than we, but we will see. We’ll do something else. “

Right on the initial premium spruce, leader Bory took the third-place bonuses for one second from the Etixx rider’s lead.

” Then there was a group where no one was a threat For the overall ranking. That’s what we recorded, “Vakoč said. “For the last 40 kilometers, I watched Honza Bárta and did not even give him a meter.The others did not make it easy, the pace was fast but at least not so many. And while the last round was staying in front of me, Styby, Serry and Gaviria, we could respond to various scenarios. “Although Bory riders were trying to speed up the pace of about 40 members in the final round, the secret of the race was broken Prematurely. In the middle of the last round Bárta got a slow defect and with him no attempts could be made for a miracle.

“I found it upstairs on the last hill when I was in the 10th place”, the Czech rider of Bora . “I figured if I could change the bike or not. When I stepped off, the ones in the front just took it and a hole was made there. I was bad, but it’s cycling.”From the group of favorites in the middle of the last round in addition to behind the German team Schumacher from the CCC team, four Štybar, Serry (both Etixx) , Spolting and Mühlbergger (Bora), who gave it a stage first.

“We did not have much time today, we wanted to watch for the team first,” Štybar said. “I urged Peter Serry to go as much as possible, because we wanted to take Bonification seconds and thus to secure the victory of Petr Vakoče.” But when they were so good on the front, why would they not even finish the stage, ?

And it was Zdeněk Štybar who enjoyed the goal of the final act with his hands above his head.

The Etixx-QuickStep Team has almost selected the entire bank in Moravia.His riders took control of three of the four stages and also have a total winner in Vakoč.

A great Czech cycling champion last year wins the winning stage Around Poland. This year he also won the European title of bronze. “But I’m winning the Czech Cycling Tour,” he concluded.

The Czechs were the only winners of the race: the first Vakoč, the second Bárta and the third Štybar, who, thanks to the bonification, moved a second before the team Colleague Serry.

“Petr Vakoč is in excellent shape and proved he can cool his head and win the stage race,” commented Štybar team-mate.

Five Czechs, add the best trio to 6.Michal Schlegel from AWT Greenway, the best youngster under 23, and the 10th place winner of the Leopold König Saturday winner at the Czech national selection.

From Top 10 on the other hand, Jan Hirt from CCC Sprandi Polkowice has lost seven minutes in the last leg.