Ranieri: My dream in Leicester died. He has what he deserves, shocking the goalkeeper

The soccer world has remained in shock when Master Leicester defeats coach Claudio Ranieri without mercy. To the bitter end, the Italian coach himself had already expressed himself and did not hide emotions. You did not keep it back, nor his former donkey Doni, who did not build the experienced Italian. On the contrary, Ranieri said he was getting what he deserved.

“My dream died,” wrote freshly unemployed Claudio Ranieri in a farewell letter to the faithful “foxes” fans in Leicester. “After the euphoria of last year, when we were crowning the Premier League champion, I dreamed of staying in Leicester, my beloved club, forever. Unfortunately, it will not happen. “

The Italian strategist thanked his family, agent and journalists for watching his team’s incredible path.Above all, he expressed the gratitude of the club. “From deep heart I thank everyone in Leicester. Players, employees, just everyone who has been part of what we have achieved. But above all thank all fans. From the first day you opened my heart and loved me. And I love you, “said a 65-year-old native of Rome.

” What we have done together is not nobody. I hope you will think about it every day with the smile as I do. We have gone through a time of wonder and happiness that I will never forget.It was a pleasure and a privilege to be a champion alongside all of you, “he said at the conclusion of a heartfelt letter.

A favorite of Ranieri, who was dismissed from Leicester’s position less than 300 days after the sensational winning of the title, Football world, including Manchester United coach José Mourinha. He came to a press conference before the final of the EFL Cup in the jacket, with the initials of the Italian colleague. But after the wave of support, the voices from the other side of the barricade were also heard.

Ranieri relied on former goalkeeper Doni, who under his leadership worked in AS Rome between 2009 and 2011. He expressed himself in the sense that The Italian parachute was deserved. “Lies can only be hidden for a while before the truth comes to the surface.Everybody gets what they deserve, “he told Spanish letter Mundo Deportivo.

Claudio Ranieri should not stay on the pavement for a long time. Interest in his service is in the Chinese Super League, the experienced coach himself would welcome a return to his native Italy. According to the British press, he could soon get to the Fiorentina footballers, which he led in the mid-1990s. He would replace Portugal’s Paul Sousa, who still holds the eighth position in the Florence club and could not make it through the first round of the European League play-off.