Other bookmakers where there are Asian handicap

Other bookmakers where there are Asian handicap largely still adhere to a standard format and allow more familiar to players or there -0.75 +1.25. As an example can be found in BC SboBet. This is just an Asian bookmaker directly, but it also has a version of the site in Russian, and there you can see the standard line, odds, rates, and even create and play as desired. Is it a lot, even repeated bets are allowed, that is, you can even be delivered. In terms of payments, too, is that the complaints are not what they do not. Only such an important recommendation, and applies not only to this particular bookmaker, but also other overseas is that try to go with the financial calculations of Webmoney. Foreign BK is not much this payment system is trusted and, therefore, there are often difficulties arise, ask for copies of documents from the player, and so on. This is because they understand that in principle via Webmoney, you can drive the money completely anonymously using an account on someone else’s name. If you decide to seriously engage in the rates it is necessary to make SkrillMoneybookers account and already through and fill the office and withdraw winnings. This system is just especially for this case, and it enchanted all world bookmakers work, and now both domestic and payments through them no when problems arise.
Victory of the first team – in line bookmaker is denoted by “1”.

Draw – is indicated by “X” symbol in the line.

The victory of the second team – is marked with a “2”.

Victory of the first team or a draw game – is marked “1X”. To win a bet with such outcome is necessary to beat the first team or a draw has occurred.

The victory of the first team or victory of the second team – is marked “12”. To win a bet with such outcome it is necessary that some of the opponents defeated, ie, that was not a draw. Selecting an event outcome

The victory of the second team or a draw – is indicated by “X2”. To win a bet with such outcome it is necessary that the second team wins or there is a draw.

Winning the competition participant with handicaps. The line, for clarity, the handicap is sometimes given combined with the odd “1 odds => k ^ 1”.

Handicap – an advantage or backlog of the participant of competition expressed in goals / points / sets / seconds, etc., which is provided to the participant bookmaker Bet on it.
Exodus events including handicap defined as follows. This party is handicap is added to the corresponding result shown by the participant in the competition. If the result thus obtained in favor of the chosen participant, he is the winner, and the bets on his win including handicap win. Payments are made to the odds indicated in the description of rates. If the result in favor of the opponent – bets are lost. If produced with handicaps result – a draw, the odds on such an outcome will be equal to 1 (the return rate).
Attention! Under the rules of some overseas bookmakers if obtained based on the odds of the result – a draw, the bet is a loser!


Barcelona – Osasuna: Osasuna (+1.5) 1.9

Bet with a handicap (+1.5) at Osasuna means betting that Osasuna will win, lose or play a draw with a difference of no more than one goal. If this condition is confirmed – the bet is won if Barcelona will win 2 or more goals, the bet will be lost.