MS in super-G has a surprising master. Champion is a veteran of Guay

Canadian veteran Erik Guay has won an unexpectedly world champion title in the Super Bowl of Slalom. At the age of 35, he became the world’s oldest ski climber and is the first Canadian champion in this discipline. Main favorite Nor Kjetil Jansrud finished in St. Moritz second with a loss of 45th of a second.

Guay has won the title after years of insignificant results and after protracted knee problems. Triumph followed the six-year-old gold at the World Cup in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The successful day of Canadian skiers was crowned with bronze by Manuel Osborne-Paradis and gave a gift to today’s 33rd birthday.

The former Canadian Jan Hudec, who has been representing his native Czech Republic since this season, lost nearly four seconds to the winning Guayas. So far he is on 31st.Place, race continues. Another Czech skier Ondřej Berndt is currently 35th, Kryštof Krýzl did not score the last goal. Jan Guerrero will be starting.

Guay has a small crystal globe in 2010 just behind the super-G, but he has not been better than the sixth at the World Championship. In the World Cup for 14 years, the Montreal native won five to three times the slalom and twice super-slalom, most recently in March 2010. The last two weeks came together after a heavy fall in the Ga-Pa congress.

All of the injuries were in my head, plus the recent fall, but I wanted to forget everything and focus on the race, “Guay said. Big celebrations are not coming, he would like to be surprised at the Saturday congress. “You need to take risks, but also to go tactically.The coach has warned us of the passage where the speed has to be corrected, exactly what I did, “added Guay, who gained a nearly half-second lead over Jansrude at the end.

Norwegian winner of three of the four super-G “Erik went on top of it,” he said, “the Olympic winner from Sochi has recognized the title. Austrian defender Hannes Reichelt finished tenth.

Hudec was disappointed, a distance of 3.93 seconds to The winner was sorry. “I thought I was closer. I made a mistake like training in the most important part, such a plaque where I lost my speed. I’m disappointed, I know I can make it better, “he said in an interview for Czech Television.