Liberec – Budějovice 5: 1, the home lost, then ended in the exhibition

Liberec triumphed in the home week when a rival from Jablonec beat the penalty. And the successful spring season in which he successfully struggled to rescue ended the five-goal win over Budějovice, which ended up in the league.

Liberecký coach David Vavruška has made several changes to the FAČR’s final winning final of the FAČR . From the beginning, for example, the player of the equalizing goal Bakoš or experienced Brabec stood up, and just like a week ago in Jihlava, the youngster Lukáč got the chance to win the second league start. Slovan started more actively, but the first surprisingly hit Czech Budějovice.After half an hour after defeating the home defensive, he managed to reach Řezáč, put Flyšman back and shot a goal in the empty goal. The eighteen-year-old midfielder was in the ninth league game for the first time in the league.

“We got a slap in the form of the first goal, but the goal kicked us,” Vavruška said. “We turned it on and we did not play the game.”

Just for five minutes. Frýdek in the penalty area pushed the ball to Šural and he pushed through a precise shot below the bar.

After changing sides, the same player turned the score. After 58 minutes, Breznaník sent the corner kick right to Bakoš who headed it sharply past the keeper.The 12th goal in this league season confirmed the position of the best team shooter.

“He has decided the second goal, which is incomprehensible. Exactly such goals we get all the time, at that moment the team shakes off, “František Cipro, a Budějovský coach, was angry.

Then came the moment of actively playing Breznanik. He did not change the first two chances, but at the 76th minute he made his way to the pole. The play of the players broke down and in the final five minutes Slovan scored twice. “I thank the boys for the season, the rescue, the co-operation and the victory in the cup.I’m proud of what they did, “said Vavruška, who ends in Liberec and Teplice will lead in the new year.