König kept Contador in the Gira Mountain stage and jumped to fifth

The Gira organizers did not have mercy on the racers. Just a day after the cruel, 59-kilometer timer, they sent them to the mountains, showing again who had the most energy in this Giru. Perhaps the only reluctance for the riders was that the weather was good for Italy and 165 kilometers to Madonna di Campiglio was dry.

However, the peloton did not escape and Roman Kreuziger was one of those. In the climb to Passo Daone, the penultimate hill of the day, although the Czech rider fell back from the group leader, but he wanted to fix his mistake on the opposite side of the hill.

The carambola was the result of a difficult and technical ride.While Kolumbijec Atapuma crossed the barriers (fortunately nothing happened to him), Kreuziger quickly picked up and ran on, in the second large group with Rogers, Bass, Cuneg, Van den Brouck, Hesjedal and others. However, he was no longer able to handle Contador.

So he stayed alone against the Astana team, where the Italian Fabio Aru, the best youngster of the peloton, helped initially even six of his men, and still two in the end. The ever-shrinking front group rose to Madonna’s target hill, with only eight cyclists left.König was hidden exactly in the middle and long copied the movements of the man in the pink, Alberta Contadora. Energybet free online bets

“All I have to Energybet bet online do is to keep humbly collecting the lost minutes back and hoping that those two minutes on Friday will not be in the final To decide, “said the new Czech Sky Team leader.

“I’m glad that it came out today, because after the time I did not feel good at all in the morning, and I yesterday came across my knee that swelled and in the first half of the stage I was fighting the pain.So, I’m so glad that it was like that. “

Until the 2700 meters below the peak, this group remained compact, and then Astana launched its tactical play.

The group ripped off, König did not crack, and Aru also showed the first weakness, but with Contador they joined Lando. Then the Trophy leader joined the Trophy, and Aru set off on the offensive. But even Contador had failed to break. And the only victim was Trofimov.

And Against Astany, he tried Landa again, as if his job was to destroy Contador! Instead, Aru suffered again.Trofimov, as a miracle for the first trio, reached out, longed for victory and drove away, but the men in the blue jerseys who guarded the whole stage did not want to let go of the primacy.

Landa once again attacked the last gate and lifted hands. “Our main goal is victory for Giru,” repeated the Spaniard in a Eurosport interview.

Contador, although he remained alone without his helpers, stood up and won third place for bonus seconds. His leadership in front of Arue was so small again.

Leopold König entered the stage as the tenth man who lost 5.5 minutes. At the end of the race, Gira is the fifth biker and a man for whom Sky will now breathe.

On the contrary, Roman Kreuziger took the loss of 5:33 minutes and descended from 9th to 12th.Instead of the overall order.

“I paid a little for yesterday, I have a slightly drawn gluteal muscle after my time,” said Kreuziger. “But I hope to rest tomorrow and put it together with the physiotherapist. The important thing is that Alberto was quite calm in the front today. “

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