Juventus brought the turn to City and lost United. Ronaldo gave a hat-trick

Although last season went through the final, Juventus did not want to win at Manchester City. And see! The Champions League was surprising at first.

The final 20 minutes was enough to prove that the rich English club did not do well in the European home game. In the 70th minute, he straightened the ideal center of Pogby and hesitated defender Mangaly striker Mandzuki. The home team collected the match in 636 minutes. And 9 minutes before the end, Morata hit his partner well.

Juventus felt satisfaction because City got to 57.minutes to lead in a controversial way: Company hit Chiellini in the penalty area and he put his own goal.

The last two matches = eight goals.

This is the balance of Cristian Ronald, this time, he turned against Shakhtar. Real Madrid went into the lead in 30 minutes due to the mistake of keeper Pjatov, who abandoned the center, giving the goal to Benzemovi. After Stépaněnka was eliminated in the 50th minute, the Ronaldo score was only written by the Portuguese. The Portuguese star struck twice from the penalty, but the first referee Bebek did not order the Sr. – Ronald’s bullet bounced off Captain Shachtar’s back. Ronaldo completed the hattrick in 26 minutes and topped the list of the best shooters in the history of the Champions League.Lionel Messi of Barcelona loses just three hits.

The Czech Republic’s Pavel Královec was the hallmark of the duel between Sevilla and Mönchengladbach. In the second half against the guests, he beat three penalties, two of them home turned and won 3: 0. Seville’s rookie kicked off after 46 minutes after the goalkeeper Sommer and Gameiro opened the score. Then, according to the Czech judge, he fouled Brouwers in the 49th minute, but the home team shot a penalty just after the penalty kick. The third penalty Kralovec ordered 66 minutes after the Jantschke and Banega increased. Sevilla added a third goal.
Manchester United return to the Champions League after a pause. The guests sent Eindhoven to the lead at 41.minute Depay, who was on his way to Old Trafford in the summer. But the home was still in the middle of the break when Moreno was hit by the first half in the long half.

The referee set eight minutes due to the injured guest Shaw who suffered a leg fracture. After a pause, he turned the Narsingh state.

Germain Zlatan Ibrahimovic, against Malmö where he was born and soccer he grew up, did not pass the goal but scored at least the second shot. Home Astana won 2-0. Astana at the premiere of the Kazakh team in the main group of the competition long held hope for an unexpected spot gain on the Benfica Lisboa course. Even in the second half, Ščetkin hit the goal, but then hit the favorite.Three points behind the 2: 0 win over Gaitan and Mitroglu.

The Sparta’s defector from CSKA Moscow lost 0: 1 to Wolfsburg. The German team welcomed the same rival in their 2009/10 Champions League main league and followed the 3: 1 triumph of the season. Galatasaray Istanbul has confirmed that he is not doing well at home against Atletico Madrid. The Spanish club succumbed to its audience for the third time, this time 0: 2, which was the goal of Griezmann’s 18th and 25th minutes.

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