I’m not going to hand you, Wenger walked around. And Mourinho threw the medal to the fans

Arsenal wins 1-0 in the English Super Cup, which was Wenger’s first victory over Mourinh in a career (of fourteen matches).

The winning team’s players took over the trophy in the Royal Lodge of the famous Wembley Stadium And after the steps they descended on the board.

Below, the coach of the defeated Mourinho team waited to congratulate one another. At first, you beat the midfielder Mesutem Özilem, then the substitute Alex Iwobi and others. After a while, the Czech goalkeeper Petr Čech came in, with whom he hugged himself because he was training him in Chelsea.

At the end of the line went coach Wenger, who used the moment when Mourinho was just back, and his Coach ride.Which did not miss the attention of television cameras and photographers.

“After the match, I did what the expected team’s coach expected. I waited for the winner at a place where only the one who wanted to miss me could miss me. Each of the Arsenal players went to me because I just stood there. But if someone did not come to me, it’s not a big story to me, “Mourinho explained.

Somewhat outrageously answered Wenger:” Today I have handed many people. I do not see any sensation in it. “

No, it really is not a sensation. Both coaches have a cool relationship for a long time. If it were someone else’s, the handshake would not be such a lot of attention.

Both coaches have not been since the first Mourinh in Chelsea in 2004.When he returned to England in the summer of 2013, he called Wenger a failure specialist. It was a hint that Arsenal has not won anything since 2005 (paradoxically in the next two years it has dominated the English Cup). The biggest scandal has been knocked out last October during the English League Match (2: 0 for Chelsea ). During the first half, they were pushed straight at the side line until the referee had to make a strong decision.

What exactly happened? Wenger stepped out of his zone towards Mourinha, who put his hands in front of him as he tried to stop his opponent.But Wenger pushed Chelsea coach, kicking off a word shootout.

“I left my territory because I wanted to see what happened to Sánchez, who was lying there wounded. I went from A to B and at that moment somebody stood up against me and pushed me a little, “Wenger wrote. Mourinho offered another explanation:” Everyone has our territory, but he has come to me. If he wanted to instruct the players why not. But he put pressure on the referee to expel Cahilla, which is not fair. I think it was not Arsene Wenger’s picture of fair play. I said to him: “Go away and do not go back, please.”

The rivalry between the two coaches will continue in the forthcoming year that starts this weekend.More likely, Arsenal will be one of Chelsea’s main rivals in the title fight.