I do not get the surplus power, Karlsbad coach was angry after Hradec

Marcela Krämerová, coach of the defeat team, would have expected a lot more effort from her team in a home game.

“In the previous games it was quite somewhere else. Every girl who climbed the field wanted to play. Against Hradec Kralove, however, it came to such surrender, I do not understand what happened, “Krämer shrugged her head over her team’s performance in the last round of the Women’s Basketball League.

Unhappy with almost all of her players . “Because the approach to the match was not the way I imagine, we made utterly unnecessary losses. This leads to a lack of concentration on the match, unnecessary loss https://jordantheseawarrior.tumblr.com/ of the ball, or the unfinished shooting end.Several times our opponent also jumped in our attack. These are all unnecessary mistakes, “says the coach of Karlovy Vary.

The plan set before the match was quite different. “We wanted to play without fear and han,” adds manager of the Karlovy Vary Club Roman Maleček.At least at the beginning of the match it looked like a similar game from the home team still looked, in the fourth minute of the match a score of 11:10 balanced on the scoreboard, but the nervousness of the match against the favored East Koreans began to show the home basketball players.

“In the first two quarters, we played fearfully, we lost the balls unnecessarily, and our opponent punished us with a simple basket,” Maleček says.

Halfway through the game, Hradec Králové led 39:24 in Karlovy Vary. The situation on the deck changed only after the break.The home team added on the turn and twice even got their opponents ranging from seven to nine points, but the experienced team around the coach of the Ptáčkové Karlovy Vary basketball player did not let go and eventually managed to win by 13 points. “There is nothing to do, we have to learn a lot,” admits Maleček.

“Hradec Kralove played the game exactly what he needed, we did not push them and coach Ptáčková could rest the rest of the team.I am particularly sorry for our girls, “says coach Krämer. “But we can not and can not keep our heads, another opponent is waiting for us on Sunday, and we will definitely try to get two points again on the https://shvmvla.tumblr.com/ deck of the Slavs,” the manager of the Karlovy Vary club looks to the next match.

From the very beginning of the season Bonver ŽBL started at an unusual pace, and just the rotation of the games on Wednesday, Saturday, Wednesday, a newly-assembled team from not very experienced players does not prove it.

“It does not really train and players need to learn a lot,” says coach of Karlovy Vary.She is also looking forward to calming the pace of the highest competition. “We’ll be able to devote ourselves to individual gaming activities and things we need for the week,” he says.