I did not give a goal again, Captain Sparta Lafata smiled

It was on his Sunday evening 163th in the Czech league, but he experienced against Dukla Lafata unrecognized – the goal gave him an untraditional part of the body. Krejci sent him a balloon in front of a goal but Lafata but the ball was tangled between his legs and rumbling.

The last touch was…”Well, I probably gave the ass the ass,” smiled Lafata, who was Behind the goal line a moment before the Energybet bet sports balloon. “That’s how I never gave it to him yet, but it’s true.”

But it did not have to happen at all. Just a little while before Lafata reached the left, his attempt to shoot the goalkeeper Dukla Radu was good, but he stopped him.

“I saw that the Council was a bit out, so I tried to make it. Pity, “said a 34-year-old cannon. “But we have zero zero in the back, it will help.If it was that way, it was getting better, so we would not be angry. We grabbed the string, we managed to win several times. We have to do that, “he expects.

Spartians in five rounds lead the Synot League three points in front of Slovácko, the sixth Pilsen still has five points. In addition to the 0: 0 draw in Jihlava, where Lafata did not get injured due to the injury, the Pragueians in the competition have started in a sovereign manner.

Despite the fact that they played a tough match against Thun on Thursday, “After the cup it’s always hard, but we have avoided mistakes, we have earned it. Great satisfaction with the game and the result, “said Zdeněk Ščasný, coach of Sparta.

” We have entered such a match in this season.

I think we have succeeded, especially the result.We have enough points, now we will be better prepared for a break, “added Lafata, who should not miss the nomination of coach Pavel Vrba for the qualifying doubles in Latvia and Kazakhstan. Sparta will play on Thursday Play-off of the European League in Thun, leading a 3-1 win Energybet free bets online at home. It will be a key match for the season. But after Dukla, the team to Switzerland is in a good mood.

“It is important that we have managed the match and we are fine. But we’ve been fine so many times…”Lafata bitterly smiles as he remembers Hacken or Malmö recently.

The last failure in the Champions League qualification with CSKA Moscow is still alive.Sparta on Thursday will be forgotten.

What will Lafata contribute?

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