Heart stage Gira: Matthews wins in pink, Kreuziger holds 5th place

Domenico Pozzovivo dropped off the Barbagelata mountain ridge at the exit and stayed on the asphalt for a long time before taking his ambulance. Fortunately, AG2R’s AG2R team leader, conscious and out-of-life, has suffered from facial injuries, brain injuries, and headache.

It was a short, but hectic and difficult stage.

The Barbagelata premium, 43 kilometers before the finish, marked the main field in which it later arrived at the spur Only seven dozen cyclists in Sestri Levante.Many of the classic sprinters were dropped, but the pink Matthews stayed among the best. “I tried to go well in the hook and save it during the leg stage as much as I could,” the Australian said.

Fabio Felline from Trek has been in the spur, Matthews has been hanging over his lap and has “pushed his nose” at the right time for the last 100 meters. Behind them, former World Champion Philippe Gilbert of BMC has come to third place.

“This Giro has been a dream for us since the start of the team’s time trial,” said Oriko, the excited winning leader, He leads 6 seconds ahead of the compatriot and team mate Clark.

In the main field, they reached the finish line without loss in the 24th place Roman Kreuziger and 51.Place Leopold König.

In the overall ranking, Kreuziger defended the fifth position behind the four Oriki bows, losing Matthews 17 seconds. König has improved overall from 40th to 32nd, with a 37 second distance.

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At the head of the peloton, during the third stage, with its profile reminiscent of the inverted W, came a large and powerful 25-member group. For example, Gilbert of BMC, Clarke and Chavés of Orika, Zardini of Bardiani, as well as Adam Hansen of Lotta Soudal, who is already on his 11th Grand Tour in series and today celebrates his 34th birthday.

The Peloton, as well as at the end of Sunday’s Stage, was drawn by Tinkoff-Saxo, back in eight at the top of the field.They stayed for about 50 seconds for refugees long.

As soon as they climbed to Rondana, 65 miles before the finish, the sprinklers Mezgec, Boonen, and Greipel fell away. A further significant shifting of the field occurred during the climb on the top of the 2nd category premium on Barbagelat, which was waiting 44 kilometers ahead of the finish line.

The eight-mile hill, 5.7 kilometers long, left the peloton even Vasil Kiryenko and Sebastian Henaa, two Sky jerseys. Therefore, only König, Nieve and Sivcov stayed at Richie’s Gate.

The front group of refugees has also thundered from where they left for the blue jersey of the best climber Pavel Kočetkov of Katyus. Behind him remained only 13 of the original 25 riders.Peloton lost half a minute at the top of the bonus.

The long congress took a fatal turn for Domenik Pozzoviva, the fifth man of the last year.

“The front wheel slipped, he fell on his face. We saw blood on the road. It certainly did not look good, “said Juan Antonio Flecha, a former driver and now reporter of Eurosport.

” Domenico went to the hospital but I believe he will be fine, “added Carlos Betancur, . “It’s a difficult moment for us, he has come to Giro in very good shape. Now it’s up to me. “

In front of everyone at the end of Energybet sports bet the stage, Kočetkov continued to run, followed by a group of three pursuers consisting of Hansen, Clarke, Paterski. But the peloton was getting closer.The Tinkoff-Saxo team steadfastly dictated the pace, his riders tried to avoid all possible collisions in the middle of the peloton.

Four miles ahead of the finish was Hansen and Paterski, less than a mile later by Kočetkov and Clarke. He helped Matthews, and he was already on the agenda of the next day part of the Orica series by Giru.

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