Hantuch finished in Cincinnati in the quarterfinals

CINCINNATI. Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchova failed in the quarterfinals of singles at the prestigious WTA tournament in Cincinnati, USA (two million dollars).

The coach’s coach, Matej Lipták, succumbed to the second set Ruska Vera Zvonariova in 1:55 h in two sets 3: 6, 6: 7 (6), when she paid too many unforced errors. The Bronze Olympic medalist from Beijing paid Hantuch’s Cincinnati win in 2009 and adjusted its balance to 6: 2. In the semifinals, she opposes the countryman Maria Sharapova.

Hantuch did not take up the chance to offset its current maximum in Cincinnati in 2005 and return for the first time since November 2008 to the world’s top twenties.Despite the loss with Zvonariov, however, Ohio confirmed a rising form before the closing USS Grand Slam tournament.

In the eight-finals, she won a valuable scalp of the world nine-year-old Francesco Marion Bartoli after the three-act drama. She had previously betrayed Italy to Flavius ​​Pennett. Cincinnati takes $ 41,450 and 225 points into the WTA World Ranking.

Zvonariov immediately broke through Hantuchova in the opening game, and after a confirmation of the break, she managed 2: 0.Russia served well, made a minimum of unforgivable mistakes, and in long exchanges often ended up winning bekhend longlains.

Hantuch has been advised by the coach of Lipták, who encouraged her to become more aggressive. In a 3: 5 game, however, she did not use the 0:40 lead at her own run, and so the opening deck became the wound of Zvonariov.

Just at the beginning of the second set, Hantuchova got the service for the first time. The Zvonariov, however, blew lightly against the Rheborg and gradually built a 4: 2 lead.Hantuch equaled to 4: 4 in the next few minutes, in the tenth geme away from the mechballa and forced the secretary, which led 4: 2.

In 6: 5, however, they did not use the set and Zvonariov scored three points in a row and ended the match to a successful end.

Hantuch after confession with Zvonariov admitted that after a challenging three-match match with Bartoli she felt her fatigue in her legs.

“Especially in the first session I was with many balls late, which caused unnecessary mistakes.I allowed Zvonariov to use her game Today Vera played very solidly throughout the game, she almost did not spoil. The end when I started playing more aggressively.In the secret, I was close to success, but I did not conclude it. It was a pity that the third set could have been quite different, “said TASR Hantuch, who expressed her satisfaction with the overall performance in Cincinnati.

” It was a very good test for me before the US Open.I really appreciate the hard-won victory over Bartoli and the triumph over Pennett. It’s a shame that today’s role has been fatigue, but I do not want to go for it, Zvonariov has earned it, “added Hantuchova, who will still be featured in the New Haven tournament in New Haven Dvojhra – quarter finals: Vera Zvonariovova 2-Rus.) – Daniela HANTUCHOVÁ (SR) 6: 3, 7: 6 (6)

Jelena Jankovičová (13-Srb. Andrea Petkovicova (9-Nem.) – Nadia Petrovova (Rus.) 7: 5, 6: 1 Maria Sharapova (4-Rus.) – Samantha Stosurova (10-Aus. ) 6: 3, 6: 2