Gyömbér dare not face off against Macedonia, after the injury played only 40 minutes

SENEC. Slovak football player Norbert Gyömbér is indeed nominated coach Jána Kozáka match against Macedonia in the qualifying procedure for the European Championships 2016 get in but not dare.

The reason for his long absence. In November last year he broke his ankle and bulging in the jersey Catania Calcio back to the beginning of May in the 39th round of the other top Italian competition. -Year old defensive all-rounder, according to his words still feel to get in.

The match was played on Sunday, June 14 at 20.45 in Žilina. Slovakia will be in the middle missing injured Ján Ďurica.There is no time for experiments

“In such an important match there is no room for experimentation. After a serious injury, I played six months in the league, I took only 40 minutes. I made a deal with coaches that everything will derive from it, as I do not go to training. I personally believe that the sharp game that is not yet. I have long absent and the coach needs a hundred percent prepared a footballer, “he said Gyömbér.

The defender or defensive midfielder to injury and missed the opening match against Macedonia in the current qualifying. Skopje triumphed Slovakia 2: 0th

“I was not there, but the game I saw boys played perfectly.Win 2: 0 was important, but also the upcoming duel is essential. If you succeed in it, we have one foot in the European Championship. I believe we can do it, “suggested Gyömbér. I regret it Catania and Dukla

Catania The last season in Serie B came out, Sicilian team occupied to 15th position.

” It’s gratifying for fans of either club. Looking at the tables have eyes, but we are pleased that the year is over, fall we have to lower competition, “said Gyömbér.

did not please him or the situation in Banska Bystrica, where in the past he senior career.

“I’m very sorry for what happened.Frost so relegation to the second division, but that club is on the verge of extinction. Hope of the Banská Bystrica digs, “concluded Gyömbér.