From the desert through Zurich to the NHL? Supertalent Matthews goes upstream

Two days. Two more days Auston Matthews stayed in her midwife. Had he hurry, he would have fought for a position in the Arizona Coyotes Pre-Camp before the start of the NHL.

But he was born “on” September 17, 1997, which means he could not attend this year’s draft. And so the American miraculous boy on Tuesday morning in the Prague O2 arena as a greenman was collecting the pucks after the wounds of the Zurich Lions before the evening of the Champions League against Sparta.

Fate has been somewhat vicious with him. It struck him for a moment. “But I take it as it is,” he told MF DNES. “I can not do anything. I’m wearing.I will concentrate on the season and our team. “

A giant teenager in the body (188 cm, 88 kg) would hope to become the clear leader in the next auction. For versatility they compare it to Toews from Chicago or the Los Angeles Kopitar. Hate skills. They chose him the most useful player in the last championship under 18 in Switzerland, where he scored 15 points (8 + 7) in seven games.

“He clearly dominated us, he made a great impression on us,” said Marc Crawford, ZSC Lions. “Great reads the game. He has smart hands. He is a very strong skater.”Crawford, winner of the Stanley Cup with Colorado and coach of Canada at the Nagano Olympics, has earnestly deserved that Matthews has chosen an entirely original way.”

p> While the Czech stars flee to North America to show off the draft, Matthews went upstream, into Europe. He also refused the American University Competition and the Canadian Junior. And not just because you earn $ 400,000 ($ 9.7 million) among adults in Switzerland as a professional.

Mom cooks, he cleanses

His story goes beyond the usual curriculum. He grew up in heated Arizona, where NHL hopes will not lie.Even in the state famous for its desert climate, it struggled with battles on ice scenes.

The unity of the Coyotes was taken by his uncle in the American football until the NFL. Auston is reminded of the first round of the game. Later, he liked the brilliant barber Briger and the durable giant Doan.

She smiled blissfully in her first skateboard video. At six home he announced he was going to hockey. “Dad, it’s a bat,” said Dad Brian.

The Phoenix family belonged to the middle class, where most of the boys were flying much cheaper baseball. The annual cost of Austin’s “career” a couple of times exceeded $ 20,000 (almost half a million crowns).His mother, born in Mexico, has been pursuing two jobs to help earn at a cost (for example on long journeys to the northeast).

Ms. Matthews represents the perfect pattern of hockey mom, as confirmed by Austona accompanying the Zurich mission. At the same time she is not a simple maid.

She cooks, he cleans himself. She pears, he puts his clothes straight into the wardrobe. “She sacrificed a lot for me,” the son acknowledges. “Now my father and other relatives and friends have left. But he thinks it’s worth it. We recognize a foreign country together. I’m glad to be with me. “

The past two seasons have not been too awesome, because Auston waved for a selection of the US in far Michigan. In the USHL competition he collected 116 points (55 + 61) in the past year and surpassed the record of the famous Kanea, the Chicago Superstar.He also outperformed the performance of his friend Eichel, who had chosen Buffalo in the final draft.

Right behind him, Matthews could have been placed if he was born two days earlier. If he were more preterm in September 1997, the Coyotes, who had voted third, would have been stylishly appropriated in June 2015. That’s the point!

No nothing…”Everything happens in life for some reason,” says Matthews, whose European adventure is entertaining. He tries to capture German vocabulary. He is accustomed to Zurich, compared to the vast Phoenix town by the lake. One of his sisters who had interrupted her studies at college came with him. “A lot of things are different, but they all make it easy for me,” he says. Crawford and his colleagues are across the street.Nearby are also the fellow Fritsche, Bergeron and Shannon, former NHL players. “They know what I’m going through. And thanks to them all goes smoothly. “

The most beautiful gift? Wrestling!

In Switzerland, they received it really kindly. Last week he blew the candles on the cake stadium under the surveillance of the cameras. The team was singing Happy Birthday at the rink. Mrs Matthews, in return, hosted a Mexican specialty.

“The most beautiful gift is that I can finally play,” said a youngster with the nickname Papi and 34 on the jersey. He had to wait until the end of the eighteen, according to the rules, to join the league battles. He immediately scored.And in the second start another.

Experts appreciate that they are not just focusing on the attack. With a sneak peek at the puck, he remembers what his father dipped into his head: “Listen, whenever you jump on ice, you get full. Otherwise you cheat yourself and your team. “

Strict Crawford oversees it to improve. The training runs at overseas pace. The Matthews program will diversify the Champions League, which has led him to Prague. “It’s a pity, I know gufffats from other parts of Europe. Maybe from the Czech Republic. I know you have passionate fans here. You have raised a number of crack hockey players. I’ve been battling with Zacha or Pastrnak. “

In the next year, he’s going to hit the NHL, he’ll be watching at a distance. Especially friend of Eichel. “I will not get up tonight at night.But I’m careful about Jack and other buddies. “Instead of the famous league, he’s rolling in Switzerland. And he believes his unique path.