Florbalists Vítkovice want to win the title, FBC Ostrava is building a team

After the last season in which the title ended the third, the coach Michal Deus was replaced by Jan Vavrečka. “In the past, Energybet sporting bet I’ve been assistant for three years in Vítkovice and I still have an overview. Our team has the potential, boys are willing to work hard.The team is unreal, “said Jan Vavrečka.

Assistant coach Vítkovic will be Pavel Brus, who was recently a defender. “Pavel was supposed to play, but he was injured in his knee and had to go to surgery,” said Vavrečka, whose implementation team will be complemented by the Vítkovice legend Daniel Folta.

“He will watch matches from the stand, we will consult his insights for the breaks.”

In the new season, Vítkovice will have to go without a defensive defender Lukáš Veltšmíd who went to Switzerland. “It should not affect us. We will build on compactness.We are going to play on four clubs, which no one else is playing, “said Vavrečka.

Also another Ostrava club in the highest competition has a new coach. Petra Koutny as CEO of FBC ČPP Bystroň Group Ostrava was replaced by Martin Smeták, who in the past led the team to silver medals.

“My return to the FBC has greatly influenced the conditions for the boys as I once wanted. I have promised the leadership that it will be all, “said Martin Smetak. “I want to start building a team so that they do not go away, but come on.Within three years I want a stable caddy to be able to work for higher rungs. “Martin Smetak received a trust from FBC Ostrava and a long-term contract during which he should return the team to the front of the top domestic competition.

“I know we have a lot of work to do. The cadre is young, lots of boys have gone. I want to build the cadre again. To do this, it is necessary to create conditions, which must be done by the Energybet sport bet management of the club. And I believe he will, “said Smetak. “But I know we have a lot of work to do. The cadre is very young. We are sure to have a very difficult season. Still, we would like to play in the playoffs, “added coach FBC Ostrava.

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