Doprastav in the 16th Challenge Cup Brno did not score even a set

BRATISLAVA – Volksbalists of Doprastav Bratislava won Wednesday in the first match of the 16th Challenge Cup final on the “home” board in Hant Aréne nad KP Brno 3: 0. Marek Rojka’s coaches made the first step on the way to the eighth finals of this competition. But it will only lead him through another victory in Brno, in the event of a loss through the so-called “

Div> 72 minutes, Boris (Tal.), Salabashian (Bul.), 150 spectators


the sete in which he was pulling the saw every moment was decided in the second half. Since the 14:14 season, only domestic players have gone, and a definitive break came from the 20:20.Skalova stood on the table and stayed there until the end, with the set finishing the eso.

The second set was similar to the course in which both men were in the lead. And when it seemed that the Doprastaváčky broke the resistance of the rivals (14:11), the misdemeanor arrived and the status of 14:14. Again, pulling on each point, but the finish again managed better once home when they took advantage after a bad attack of Brno immediately setball.

In the third game, except 0: 1, the leadership was only domestic and the decisive moment came when they rebounded from 10: 8 to 13: 8 and without much difficulty brought the match to the winning end.

Marek Rojko, : “After overcoming the Slavic EU, we’ve been doing a lot of psychological preparation rather than playing games.We did not prepare too much for Brno, we were mainly looking after ourselves. Still a little nervous about the administration, I was badly spoiled for my taste. But the two sets of the first two sets actually showed that we were better. As far as the procedure is concerned, it is paradoxically a very close cooperative, which means that the match in Brno can be quite different. They will have better service at home, better orientation. But let’s try to move it, that is, we have a lot of options as we can. We can play and pass through the gold set, we can win after the fight. But I think they do not believe us very much. “