Czechs after the Catalan Grand Prix failed, Abraham had to go to surgery

“The doctors returned the bone to their original position and all had to fix them with some special wires that are drilling in the bones,” Abraham described on his site a surgical procedure that he underwent in full afternoons on Saturday afternoon. > On Sunday morning he was hoping to try the race. However, he did not get permission to start the check.

“You must not sit on the motorcycle until twenty-four hours after anesthesia.In addition, my wires are wringing out of my thumb so there might be a lot of trouble with my shoe, “he said.

Energybet bet online As long as he wounds, he could not guess Abraham. “I will not make any predictions now, we will see.”


After the last race in Mugello, Italy, where both Hanika and Kornfeil fought to win the last round, the Czechs still suffered disappointment. Kornfeil finished in the Moto3 race on the ground just in the opening round. “Another racing race,” he said on the twitter.

“I had a good start, but in the third corner Gabriel Rodrigo fell and took me with him.There was nothing to do about it at all, “Kornfeil said on his website, who, after unsuccessful qualifying, ran into the race from the 26th position.

On the contrary, Hanika fell from the starting twelfth place in the first few meters of the race, but gradually came to the top ten. “From the third round, I was able to lead my group, the motorcycle went well and I passed a few rivals. But at the end, my tires started to go. And three other rounds before the finish was taken by another rider, “said Hanika on the team’s website. Back to the track he did not come back.

He won Danny Kent and strengthened his leadership in the championship. The British rider in the last corner bounced off the Italian Ene Bastianini’s attack, which for the first time in his career started from pole position.The third place was won by Efren Vázquez from Spain.

Lorenzo in MotoGP takes Rossi leader

> Sprint Jorge Lorenzo has been Energybet sport bet the champion of MotoGP’s Royal Cuban for the fourth consecutive time. Still not enough for him to manage in the championship, but after the seventh race of the season and 37th career triumph, he is losing just a point to Valentino Rossi. The famous Italian came second in Barcelona and this year he was still missing on the podiums. The second race was not finished because of the defeat of Marc Marquez from Spain and his loss to the leading pair exceeded 60 points.Andrea Dovizioso from Italy and third place was replaced by compatriot Andrea Iannone.

In the Moto2 class, the French championship leader Johann Zarco raised the second win of the season.

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