Clash of Greats. Krpálek starts to win a trophy he does not have yet

“It’s a big challenge. So far, I’ve been cracking the Masters twice, in 2010 and 2011, but then I’ve missed the experience and every time I’m out in the first round. Now it will be my second tournament from last year’s world championship, but after a ten-day international camp in Turkey I feel the strength and technical welfare, “said Krpálka.

He is still the world’s top man, but last November he injured his meniscus at the camp in Japan, and he celebrated his return to the third place in the Zagreb Grand Prix 20 days ago. With the absolute peak, however, it will be good for now.

“I think I have a certain disadvantage.Before Zagreb, I did not compete for eight months, I only attended a few camps or campuses, and the tournament is always something other than training. Judith simply needs to be “washed”. Besides, I’m going as an acting world champion, everyone will want to pull me off. However, I will try. It’s gonna be a clash of giants, but I hope it’ll be me who defeats everyone, “he thought.

The tournament is also a prestigious judo because it is 700 points in the world ranking.

“More is just the title of world champion, nine hundred, and the gold of the Olympics. The Olympic qualification counts half the points.Lukáš is in third place in his category, so he has almost certainly the Olympics, but he has to watch out for the top eight. That means, then, to be in Rio between the deployed – in London 2012 he was not and paid for it, “reminded the vice-president of the association, Petr Smolík, Judith’s seventh place from the Olympics.

“As far as the Olympic qualifying is concerned, I also plan to rank first in the ladder,” Krpálek smiled.

In spite of a lack of judgment, he praised the training camp in Turkey, which he returned on Tuesday. “There I was nice, there was a complete tip. Before Zagreb, I graduated from a similar camp in Budapest, where I was very tired – in Turkey, but it was going on, so I made a little bit of a ride between the rivals.I threw them and played the heavyweight judges.I hope it will last, “he said.

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After the Masters in Rabat will be presented with other representatives at the end of June at the European Games in Baku, which will count as a European Championship, and in August he will also defend the gold at the World Championship in Kazakhstan.

In Rabat, according to Krpálka, he can not compare to a regular tournament, even a top level. “While at the Grand Slams in Paris, as a rule, I get a weaker opponent in the first round and have the opportunity to” break “, the Masters must have a 100% performance from the first round.Because the world’s best sixteen is very busy – even if I started with the sixteenth man, it would be an excellent rival, “he said,” he’s coming close to what he’s waiting for in Morocco.