Bolt back in London, in place of big triumphs: I do not plan to lose

Justin Gatlin, will it be bad for world athletics?

Jamaica’s chamois did not think for a long time, “I do not plan to lose, so I can not answer it.” No, Usaine Bolta is still not interested in the media interest. At his press conference before the Diamant League’s Friday race, the audience was screened as Beatles concerts; Cameras captured as some journalists with Bolt take off a self-image.

However, the King Sprintu does not cruise on the track – yet. London’s hundred should be in his conception by scattering doubt. His current seasonal maximum of one hundred is a Energybet bet online 10.12 start time after a single start, they do not have health problems.By the way, despite all this, Usaina Bolta’s starting fee is 150,000 pounds, according to British servers, almost six million crowns. “I think I definitely have enough value,” said Bolt : “Every time I try to show the best performance and bring a crowd to the crowd. I did really hard. I have no doubt about myself. We will see what it will bring on Friday. “

It will be special in London, as the British metropolis is one of Bolt’s four-corn: here at the previous Olympics in Beijing World Championships in Berlin 2009 and Moscow 2013 won three golds from three starts (one hundred, two and 4×100 meters relay).Of course, the Olympic triumphs outweigh the world.

In London, Bolt might have been on top: not as fast as it could to improve his extra mile to 9.58 per hundred. Still strong enough to kill the competition after a stunning performance. A hundred for 9.63 was the top of the game. People at the Olympic Stadium were crazy, Bolt was dancing, laughing, and knew no one was taking the role of an icon anymore.

That’s what he had said before London: “When I win three gold, I will become a legend. “

At that time, it seemed that no one was on Bolta. Now in London, they will run against compatriot Nest Carter or Kim Collins, but the right rivals will only watch at a distance.”I know he is doing well, but I have nothing to worry about,” Bolt repeated in London and added that much more rivals with Tyson Gayem; Jamaican does not complain by not wanting to forgive his doping past for Gatlin. And most importantly, at least on the outside, it keeps the king’s self-esteem: “Anyone who knows anything Energybet online betting games about me is clear that I will show myself in the world championship. I look forward to Beijing. If I’m in good shape, there’s no worry at all. “

And will it? London will show a lot. One of Bolt’s fateful cities can turn the phenomenal sprinter back to the heights.Or confirm that this year is the time to change the throne?

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